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The restaurant was recently renovated and this year guests may enjoy their meals on the splendid panoramic terrace, with windows directly overlooking the valley offering you a unique view.

The cuisine, intended to also satisfy the most demanding palates, emphasizes Aosta Valley specialties. To obtain the ingredients of our recipes, we look for small producers that still use artisanal methods on the raw materials, all originating from our territory.

he cheeses are produced by Chez Duclos farm Gignod, flour for polenta is stone ground water from the farm Molino Motta Frè to Quincinetto, the flour for the bread is milled from Molino SAM Montalto Dora.

Thanks to the careful use of local products, the restaurant has obtained the quality brand "Saveurs du Val d'Aoste" that brings together the excellence of the Aosta Valley territory.

The cuisine and the recipes

The creativity of our chef Federico finds its maximum expression in our open-plan kitchen, equipped with the most modern systems such as the induction oven. The restaurant has also its own pastry kitchen.

The antipasto features typical cold cuts and cheeses: lardo and boudin (black pudding prepared with potato), the Valdostana tartare and the famous Fontina, obtained strictly from dop alpine pastures.

First courses include, among others, the famous Valpellinentze soup (with Fontina cheese, stale bread and savoy cabbage), Valdostana style crêpe  and our fresh homemade pasta: tortelli stuffed with Blue D’ Aoste cheese, pappardelle with wild boar and much more.

A wide choice for the polenta: with Tomino cheese, with sausage or wild boar. Carbonada deer according to the ancient recipe, and the beef burger served with homemade sauces.

And last , but not least, our tiramisu with homemade chocolate biscuit between other dessert delights.

Our artisanal pastries will also delight you for breakfast with plum cake, shortbread biscuits and marmalade; our barman is at your disposal for a fabulous cappuccino, fresh orange juice or everything else from our caffetteria.

Our restaurant is also AIC certificated, the Italian association for celiac disease.


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