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Walser art and culture

Graines castle

The Val d'Ayas bears witness to the ancient Walser culture and its thousands of years of traditions. The many rascard villages scattered in the basins and the valleys below Monte Rosa are famous.

Beyond the culture Walser, the area boasts other invaluable architectural evidence.

Churches and chapels: the parish church of San Martino ad Antagnod, the parish church of San Giacomo Maggiore ad Issime, built in the XVI sec.

Castles: the ruins of two mighty castles belonging to the Challant family, that of Villa and that of Graines.

The traditional artisanal activity of the Val d'Ayas is the creation of wooden shoes called sabots. Master sabot-makers are united in the cooperative "Li Tsacolé d'Ayas," and display their products at its site in Antagnod.