Ski and trekking paradise

Nature and 'slow mountain'


The end of the Val d'Ayas opens toward the glaciers of the Monte Rosa with broad slopes covered with woods and sunny pastures, punctuated with tiny villages with classic rascard construction.

The Cre Forné is set in the middle of this idyllic landscape. Both in summer and winter its enviable position allows total contact with nature and makes it the ideal place for those who seek, in addition to sports, long contemplative strolls or simply immersing themselves in the unique landscape of this valley.

To enjoy the silences of the mountain in winter, there is nothing better than taking a walk with snowshoes: in the area of Champoluc you will find many fascinating routes.

The presence of large glaciers has allowed the formation of many lakes that are the destination for many excursions: the Pinter lakes, the Perrin lake, the Blu di Verra lake, the Palasinaz lakes, and the Frudière lakes.